Monday, November 28, 2005

Photoshop TV Episode 6

Photoshop TV GuysJoin Scott and Matt for episode six.

Links Mentioned This Week:
Camera Raw 3.3 Beta
Photoshop Support
Photoshop Restoration and Retouching 3rd Edition
Digital Canvas Awards
Photoshop World Website
Contest Winner - Justin Waskovich from Riverview, FL

Photoshop TV Episode 6 is now playing:
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Photoshop TV episode 6 audio file.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Photoshop TV Episode 4 (November 14th, 2005)

Photoshop TV GuysWatch Episode 4 (Flash Required)

Links Mentioned in Episode 4
iStockPhoto Website
Wacom Pen and Tablet
Digital Canvas Awards

The winner of the Wacom Tablet from Episode 3 is James King from Charlotte, NC.

Photoshop TV episode 4 now playing.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Photoshop Radio - updated November 7, 2005

Photoshop Radio - updated November 7, 2005 (13 mb .mp3 file)

Links Mentioned in Episode 3
iStockPhoto Website
Wacom Pen and Tablet
George Lepp Institute
Photoshop LAB Color book by Dan Margulis
Microsoft Color Control Palette

The winner of the new NAPP Camera/Laptop Bag from Episode 2 is Jeff Bell from Arlington, VA.

Or maybe you got a free T-shirt, the list of winners is here:
Mike Bui, Chris Ehresman, David A Rogers, Tommy Boothe, Sharon Chandler, Edgar S. Morales, Randy Quincy, Mark Hartzell, Barry Lawrensen, Brian Williams.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Photoshop Radio - updated October 31st, 2005

Photoshop Radio - updated October 31st, 2005 (12 mb .mp3 file)

Links Mentioned Today

iStockPhoto Website
iPod Flea Video with Stephanie Cross
Digital Asset Management Tools for Photoshop CS2

Photoshop Seminars
Photoshop World Japan
Corel Painter Essentials

And The Winner Is...
Congratulations Nicholas Huff from San Antonio, Texas the winner of an iPod Nano from Episode 1

Photoshop TV T-Shirt Winners - Michael Diblicek, Robert Sackyt,a Erin Doak, James Elston, John Sloan, David J. Davis, Carrington Goddard, Kevin Cunningham, Fred Anders, Jan Cipolla

Photoshop TV episode 2 is now availabe in iTunes by searching the words "Photoshop TV" in the Podcasts section. The Email Address for entries to the contest: photoshoptv (@)