Monday, January 30, 2006

Photoshop Radio Episode 15

Photoshop TV Guys

Depth of Field, Extraction Tutorial, Killer Tips, great giveaways and more!

Show Summary
Join Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and the virtual Dave Cross for hot new Photoshop tutorials and tricks. Special guest Rod Harlan of the Digital Video Professionals Association breaks out Adobe's brand-new Production Suite.

So What Have We Learned?
- Using Scrubby Sliders
- Depth of Field Tutorial
- Using the Lens Flare Filter for special effects
- Extraction Tutorial

This Episode Sponsored by..
- Epson Print Academy - B&H Photo - iStockPhoto - Peachpit Press - Wacom -

This Week's To-Do List
- Download free image courtesy of iStockPhoto and practice your extraction technique.
- Check out the Photoshop Killer Tip of the Day Podcast
- Say hello to the Unofficial Photoshop Weblog

This Week's Winner
Jeremy Norwood of Chrome Imaging in Washington, DC won last week's prize - the Luxury Adobe Tote and a full conference pass to Photoshop World in Miami, Florida. Congrats, Jeremy and thanks for tuning in!

This week, you can enter to win the Photoshop Guys Prize Pak, featuring an Adobe Sport Tote, Adobe Sport Cap, the Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips book and a full conference pass to Photoshop World in Miami, Florida.

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Next Week - We'll be giving away an Epson Photo Stylus printer. Be sure to tune in for your chance to win!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Photoshop Radio Episode 14

Photoshop TV GuysNew contests and prizes! Vanishing Point, Creating Photographic Edges and a special tip from "Photoshop Classic Effects."

Join Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski for episode 14 of Photoshop TV and enter to win an Adobe Luxury Messenger Tote, tickets to Photoshop World Miami and an autographed copy of "Photoshop Classic Effects" by Scott Kelby. Photoshop TV brought to you by iStockPhoto, Wacom, Epson Print Academy, B&H Photo and Peach Pit Press.

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Last Week’s Contest Winner: Mark Corgey from San Diego, California

This Week's Giveaways
• An Adobe Luxury Tote Bag with a Photoshop World Ticket
• A Photoshop Classic Effects Book signed by Scott Kelby for five lucky winners.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Photoshop Radio Episode 13

Photoshop TV GuysJoin Scott, Matt and Dave for episode thirteen.

Links Mentioned This Week:
Link: Radiant Vista
Link: Wacom Driver Update
Link: Filmloop for Windows and Mac
Link: DigitalPro 4 for Windows
Link: Photoshop World Conference and Expo

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Last Week’s Contest Winner: Nick Bristow from Bedfordshire England

To Do This Week
Check out Lunacore website
• Visit the Italian Podcast in iTunes
Check out NAPP’s Lightroom Learning Center

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Photoshop Guys Discuss the Adobe Lightroom Beta

Photoshop TV GuysThis extended episode features a first look at the New Adobe® Lightroom Mac Beta release. All of the regular features of PSTV will return next week.

Links Mentioned This Week:
Link: Adobe Lightroom Beta Learning Center
Link: Adobe Lightroom Beta Forum
Link: iStock Photo
Link: Photoshop Seminars
Link: NAPP Web Site
Link: Layers Magazine
Link: Photoshop World Website

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