Monday, February 27, 2006

Photoshop Radio Episode 19

Photoshop TV Guys

Layer comps, Smart Objects, Panoramas and more - taped at CBS Studios in Hollywood!

Show Summary:
The Photoshop Guys have hit the big time! Join Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski for an epic episode of Photoshop TV from CBS Studios with special guest, Mike Kubeisy.

So What Have We Learned?
- Dave shows you how to create Layer Comps to help you save to multiple formats including Web Photo Gallery.
- Matt takes the mystery out of Smart Objects with a tutorial that shows you how to resize, warp and even replace contents.
- Scott uses the Gradient Map to colorize black and white images.
- Our buddy, Mike Kubeisy has a great tip for quickly changing Layers modes.
- Scott shows you how to use Photomerge to create stunning panoramic images.

This Episode Sponsored By:
CDW | Wacom | Epson Print Academy | iStockPhoto

This Week’s To-Do List:
- Peruse the workshops offered at
- Plan for a Santa Fe workshop with Scott at
- Try your hand at the awesome Photoshop contests at

This Week’s Prize:
Tune in for details on how you can win a full-conference pass to Photoshop World Miami and a cool Adobe® messenger bag.

Last Week's Winner:
Congratulations to Andrew Roberts for snagging the Adobe cooler and coffee mug, a full-conference pass to Photoshop World Miami and a signed copy of Scott's latest, The Photoshop Channels Book.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Mike Kubeisy and the kind folks at CBS.

Photoshop TV Episode 19 is now playing!
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